Erza Scarlet

Kovie Kixx showing off her battle armour of Erza Scarlet - 2016


Alphabety at a cliffside location photoshopped to appear like a cave - 2016


Snape and Bellatrix

This photoshoot took place in Durham Cathedral, one of the real locations used in the Harry Potter movies - 2016

Frankie Castle

Jakku Cosplay gets a bit intimidating in this Fem Punisher costume - 2016

Fionna The Human

Lyndsey doesn't have an Alias as this was her first proper shoot, and I just couldn't resist adding Cake the Cat in - 2016.

Death Knight

This is Arkyl Cosplays first costume, and it was so fun to photograph at Newcastle Castle - 2016


These guys are part of the North East Ghostbusters - 2015

Meryl Silverburgh

The Girl in the Gingham Dress brought one of my favourite characters to life - 2015

Chris Redfield

A bit of rain didn't put Nick off bringing a bit of Residen Evil to the streets of Newcastle - 2014.


I had such a brill time with Iridescent Light Cosplay and enjoyed playing with photoshop - 2015


This was my first shoot with the Dork Knight and possibly one of my favourite images - 2014